New Balance 993 Review

General Information

  • Weight 13.7oz
  • Brand New Balance
  • Material Leather
  • Terrain Road
  • Distance Daily running
  • Release Date 2008

Expert Reviews Of New Balance 993

  • Reasons to buy √

 - The sturdiness of New Balance 993 is welcomed by many running shoe lovers.

 - New Balance 993 has the ability to work well during exercise, running and walking.

 - The New Balance 993's outsole unit has reliable and firm traction.

 - Some people think the New Balance 993 is worth the money.

  • Reasons not to buy ×

 - Some testers have observed that the outsole rubber peels off the midsole like a cheap layer.

 - Some consumers think the product is too bulky to use all day.

More Information About New Balance 993

  • Discount of New Balance 993

If you happen to be a student and want to buy New Balance 993, then you can verify your student status on New Balance's official website, because students can enjoy a 15% OFF discount.

  • Features of New Balance 993

New Balance 993 has extraordinary comfort and classic style. It is the favorite of the legendary 990 series. It has sensitive cushioning and high-quality materials, and can be worn at any time or all day long.
New Balance 993 is a traditional sports shoe that attributes its general design to the 990 series in the 90s.

Q&A For New Balance 993

  • Is New Balance 993 comfortable?

    It's certainly very comfortable and can give you a whole new experience! The New Balance 993 is one of the most comfortable shoes I've tried in my several years of running. This shoe combines comfort and stability, plus it looks pretty good as a casual shoe just for wearing out, or if you stand on your feet a lot.
  • How does the New Balance 993 fit?

    This pair of New Balance 993 vintage indigo shoes is half the size of my Nike and very comfortable. I think this is my real New Balance size. I am size 10 in most Nike shoes, such as Jordan 1, but in almost all New Balance shoes it is size 9.5. These shoes have good comfort in this size. Choose your size according to my suggestion!
  • When did the New Balance 993 come out?

    The New Balance 993 was first produced in 2008 as a top-of-the-line running shoe, and it improved on its predecessors by integrating the best features of the 991 and 992 to create a lightweight but wonderfully supportive sneaker.
  • Is New Balance 993 a running shoe?

    The New Balance 993 is a traditional running shoe, but it can be used for a variety of activities as well. The mesh upper wraps around the foot, but the suede layer that covers the mesh upper is the highlight and differentiating factor. The cushioning system used for this product is also a classic. The New Balance 993 has several key components that make it one of the best stability running shoes, if not the best stability running shoe on the market (better than its predecessors 991 and 992), and an excellent sneaker for casual walking.

User Reviews Of New Balance 993

Kris Collins

Sturdy, comfortable, reliable, long life

I have owned a few pairs of these shoes over the years, and they are the only ones that will actually last for several years and still feel sturdy and comfortable. These shoes provide an excellent arch support that is a big plus for me having virtually no arch. These shoes were the first ones that I could find after having surgery that would fit comfortably and still provide support that I can be confident in. Definitely worth the price, as I have spent more money on different shoes over the past several years while I still have a solid pair of these that are more than 6 years old.

Sterdy pair of shoes

Own a multitude of this shoe in from new balance; the MR993 in different colors. In my opinion, these are by far best pair of shoe new balance has release. However, this is only my opinion. These shoes are build to last; nevertheless you will have to change the insole to get the best out of these shoes, which loses a star. Otherwise, the MR993 very balance and will bolster up your feet health, for years to come. Would recommend this shoe to anyone in the market for walking, jogging or running shoes.

Love these shoes

For the first time it actually feels as though my foot isnt being suffocated or swimming around in a shoe. I have a very wide foot and could never find anything above a 2E in stores. So i went out on a limb and decided to try buying online(first time for footwear). These shoes fit true to size. They are light, breathable and have very good cushion as well. When i say light, i mean really light. When i put my boots on it feels like im applying 10 pounds of weight to each leg, before, i never noticed!

New Balance

You can't beat this model if you have any type of foot condition. These are the most comfortable sneakers made and will last you years of daily wear. My third pair in 10 years. New Balance has tweaked design models over the years and this was my most recent purchase. I believe they have since bend replaced again. Won't hesitate to buy again when I wear them out.

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