Puma Ferrari Review

General Information

  • Brand Puma
  • Style Sportstyle,Retro,Minimalist
  • Inspired from Other
  • Material Leather,Rubber Sole,Synthetic
  • Season Spring,Fall
  • Release Date 2020

Expert Reviews Of Puma Ferrari

  • Reasons to buy √

 - A large number of reviewers said that the shoes feel lightweight.

 - Many experts like the retro nostalgic style and versatile style of this shoe.

 - Many people think the reason for this pair of shoes is that they are reasonably priced and value for money.

  • Reasons not to buy ×

 - Several people claimed that Puma Ferrari Roma felt tight in its feet when driving narrowly.

 - Some consumers pointed out that the shoes may need some running-in period.

More Information About Puma Ferrari

  • History of Puma Ferrari

Puma Ferrari is a sneaker first released in 1968, it is mainly used for sprinting and hurdles and other sports in the field of track and field. Puma Ferrari was reintroduced in the 2000s and received new improvements.

  • Features of Puma Ferrari

Puma Ferrari’s design is inspired by extreme ridge roads and breathtaking scenery. This pull-on style is an excellent engineering design from the world’s fastest car manufacturer, with a smooth, aerodynamic upper and Luxurious low-key outsole.

  • Style of Puma Ferrari

Puma Ferrari has gradually become a street style sneaker, suitable for jogger jeans, cuffed jeans, fitted jeans, jogger and shorts. You can choose a suitable top to match these shoes.

Q&A For Puma Ferrari

  • How do you clean Puma Ferrari shoes?

    Clean any dirt from your sneakers with a damp cloth and a mild detergent, or a professional leather cleaner, then wipe dry. As the leather dries, tuck your shoes in with paper or a dry towel so they don't lose their shape. To clean our Puma Ferrari sneakers, start by brushing off any excess dirt.
  • What are Puma Ferrari shoes for?

    Puma Ferrari sneakers are made to keep you comfortable while also allowing you to perform well in any physical activity you're doing. Ferrari sneakers have a distinctive and lightweight design that gives you a great deal of mobility. It is one of the leading brands that combine all three when it comes to offering footwear that is stylish, comfortable and performance-oriented. The word Ferrari instills in us an image of superior quality, speed and refinement.

User Reviews Of Puma Ferrari

million hobbyist

smaller in size but looks amazing.

Shoe looks amazing. Only thing was it was a tad small. I own 4 other puma shoes and these feel a little smaller then the others. Hopefully they will stretch a bit

Cool shoe

I’m not on my feet all day but when I’m out and about they are still comfy. I like the style so I’m happy with them.

Kicks are sweet! Definitely size up.

I love these shoes so much. They just look so cool. Pumas are notoriously small, though, so I was actually debating whether to size up by a half or full size. In the end, I sized up a full size and while comfortable, I could still have probably gone another half.

Puma takes the checkered flag!!!

These shoes Rick. They are definitely an eye catcher. Regular Puma wearers will recognize the classic fit and look. This light shoe with the awesome custom Ferrari designated emblem capped with the checkered stripes on the outside are a winner.