Nike Metcon 5 Review

General Information

  • Brand Nike
  • Collection Nike Metcon
  • USE Crossfit,Cross-training,Gym
  • Release Date 2016

Expert Reviews Of Nike Metcon 5

  • Reasons to buy √

 - Metcon 5's comfortable fit is praised.

 - Most people claim that the sturdy heel and wide platform make this sneaker one of the most stable CrossFit shoes on the market.

 - Several shoe experts praised Nike's tongue reinforcement and the new Haptic layer on the upper. These updates seem to help improve the overall durability of the shoes.

 - An expert reported that this iteration does not seem to produce the same squeaky sound as the previous version.

  • Reasons not to buy ×

 - Several critics agree that this pair of shoes may not be the best choice for walking and daily wear, because it pays more attention to stability.

 - A lot of reviewers said that the big rubber plate makes the coach look clumsy and not so aesthetically pleasing.

More Information About Nike Metcon 5

  • History of Nike Metcon 5

Nike Metcon 5 is the fifth iteration of Nike’s flagship product CrossFit coach. Even after many updates, the intention behind Nike Metcon 5 remains the same: to provide the wearer with the ultimate cross trainer, ready to follow them for weightlifting at any time. Jumping, running and rock climbing.

  • Features of Nike Metcon 5

Nike Metcon 5 is a pair of shoes suitable for your weightlifting and high-intensity training (jumping, running and rock climbing). It has a specific stability, it improves the traction of the speed and the durability when needed.

  • Styles of Nike Air Max 95

There is no doubt that due to the stability and durability of Nike Metcon 5, no matter what kind of high-intensity exercise you are doing, you are suitable for wearing Nike Metcon 5, please do not hesitate.

Q&A For Nike Metcon 5

  • What is the Nike Metcon 5 good for?

    The Nike Metcon 5 is a professional trainer aimed at people who are fast at lifting heavy things in the gym. It can double as a high-intensity, high-impact athletic shoe, especially for Crossfit Metcon workouts, and is the 5th version of Nike's Metcon series of trainers.
  • Is the Nike Metcon 5 good for HIIT?

    It's not great in specific areas, but it gets high marks for versatility in the gym. Whether it's weight training, weightlifting, HIIT, high jumping or sprinting, this shoe gets the job done. Or it could be the shoe that shines in weightlifting competitions. In this case, the Nike Metcon 5 is a perfect sample.
  • Does Nike Metcon 5 have a squeak?

    The dreaded Metcon squeak is gone. Previous Nike Metcon models were some of the noisiest shoes around, due to the movement between the outsole and midsole. But Nike has finally eliminated this problem forever in the Nike Metcon 5 and his shoe is completely squeak-free.
  • Can I wash Nike Metcon 5?

    The short answer is yes. You can put Nike Metcon 5 in the washing machine. However, there are a few things you need to do before putting them in. For starters, you want to remove the laces from the shoes; wash them by putting them in a mesh lingerie bag (separately they can also wash them by hand if you want).

User Reviews Of Nike Metcon 5

Kyle Kaja

Good quality, but watch out for the small size

Overall good quality. The grip of the sole is good. When it comes to the size, there's a significant issue. While the length is pretty consistent with the rated size, the upper of the shoe is quite low at the middle of the shoe. This means that the shoe is constricting the top of your foot right around where the arch of your foot is. There's a certain type of material causing this, and there isn't much give to it. To work around this, I've ended up sticking a jar in my shoes when I'm not using them in order to keep them streched out. Otherwise, my foot starts to go numb after 15 minutes of exercises.

Beware of fit

Looks great and very sturdy. The sizing from heel to toe fits well to the size I normally wear. The only problem is that it is extremely tight across the top of the foot. I’ve been breaking them in but not sure how much it will loose up or if it even will.

Nike Air Max 270 React.

These Nike Air Max 270 React are the best Cross-Training Shoes, that Nike could have created.I’m very impressed with the quality of the product and the service they provide. Comfortable, and affordable price. Plus, it's a weathered exterior of most ACG shoes. Are they waterproof the answer is Yeah!, just add a little more water protection. I would say these shoes add original style and some Vike. In addition, the size your gonna need to step up 1size up. If it's time to grow up, therefore, save your money.

Great shoe for folks with foot pain

Got these as I have pain in my legs and feet from wearing vans all day. These shoes came and man they are great! My feet have not hurt in 2 weeks after wearing these! Like walking on air love these shoes and they look great!
Yuck The Fankees

Great show and great look

I have owned the Metcon 3 and 4's as well. The 5 is a little different looking than them but still pretty much the same. If youre a fan of the older Metcon's, you'll probably enjoy these as well.

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