Nike Air Max 95 Review

General Information

  • Brand Nike
  • Style Dad,Classic,Sportstyle,Chunky
  • Inspired from Running
  • Designed by Sergio Lozano
  • Material Leather,Canvas,Mesh,Rubber Sole
  • Technology Air Cushion
  • Season Spring,Summer,Fall
  • Release Date 1995

Expert Reviews Of Nike Air Max 95

  • Reasons to buy √

 - The comfortable inner feel of these sneakers has left a deep impression on many people.

 - "Fashion" and "cool" are words that most users usually use to describe the silhouette of the Nike Air Max 95.

 - The shoe provides adequate arch support, as many commenters have mentioned.

 - Several people said that the shoes remain comfortable for eight consecutive hours.

 - Most critics say this is one of the lightweight and sturdy Nike Air Max 95 sneakers.

  • Reasons not to buy ×

 - A few people think that this shoe gets dirty easily and is difficult to clean.

 - Some buyers think Nike Air Max 95 is a little bit expensive.

 - Some commentators said that this pair of shoes made their feet look bigger.

More Information About Nike Air Max 95

  • History of Nike Air Max 95

In the late 1970s, Nike's revolutionary Air-Sole technology was founded. In 1979, Nike Air Max 1 was released with a visible air device on the heel. Nike Air Max 1 draws on the inspiration of the human body and uses DNA to blend incredible comfort with the style of head rotation.

  • Technology of Nike Air Max 95

In 1987, the heel of Air Max 1 adopted visible air technology, so that fans not only can feel the feeling of air cushioning, but they can see suddenly. Since then, the new generation of Air Max sneakers has provided eye-catching color matching and reliable, lightweight cushioning performance, which is very popular among athletes and collectors.

  • Style of Nike Air Max 95

The Nike Air Max 95 is considered by many to be a reliable everyday shoe, because it has an Air-Sole cushioning heel and forefoot, which is very comfortable to wear. Nike Air Max 95 is a good choice to wear with everyday jogging pants, jeans, and shorts.

Q&A For Nike Air Max 95

  • Does Nike Air Max 95 have shoelaces?

    The shoelaces of the Nike Air Max 95 are rope-shaped, and the more common sports style is black. Air Max 97 usually uses threaded laces that run through all six eyelets. Laces are available in lengths from 114 cm to 137 cm and are designed to be threaded on all 6 eyelets.
  • Will the Nike Air Max 95 make you taller?

    You no longer need to worry about the Air Max 720 giving you maximum height. However, you can see that the entire air max line offers a lot of height. the Nike Air Max 95 adds a centimeter height of 3.7 cm. They offer you a solid height of 1.4 inches when measuring these great sneakers, or nearly 3.7 cm when brand new.
  • Can you machine wash Nike Air Max 95?

    Never use hot water or hot air on your Nike Air Max 95, as the glue is vulnerable to heat and you may damage the shoe irreparably. Never put sneakers in the washing machine or dryer too as it can warp your shoes.
  • How do you clean Nike Air Max 95 mesh?

    How to clean Nike Air Max 95 mesh shoes in a few steps. Brush off excess dirt. Use a soft shoe brush to gently brush off exterior dirt. Make a cleaning solution. In a small bowl, mix warm water with a small amount of mild laundry detergent. Finish by washing the shoes and removing the soap, then dry the shoes.

User Reviews Of Nike Air Max 95


Shoes are good quality perfect

Love the shoes but if you're a big guy they're not good working in

Cool AIR MAX 95 as ever

As with the other AIR MAX series, the size 1 ~ 1.5cm larger seems to suit me better. I also like the design very much and want to take good care of it.

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