Nike Air Max 200 Review

General Information

  • Brand Nike
  • Style Retro,Sportstyle,Chunky
  • Inspired from Running
  • Material Leather,Suede,Mesh,Rubber Sole,Nubuck
  • Technology Air Cushion
  • Season Spring,Summer
  • Release Date 2020

Expert Reviews Of Nike Air Max 200

  • Reasons to buy √

 - Most shoe experts believe that Nike Air Max 200 shoes will give people a comfortable feeling in daily wear.

 - The beautiful contrast and retro style of this shoe is loved by many wearers.

 - Some commentators pointed out that the Nike Air Max 200 has better manufacturing quality than the Nike Air Max 270.

 - The reasonable price of these sneakers pleased some Nike fans.

  • Reasons not to buy ×

 - Some critics feel that the Air Max 200 is a bit large.

 - A few people feel that these shoes are not the best for running.

More Information About Nike Air Max 200

  • History of Nike Air Max 200

Nike was established on January 25, 1964, and the Nike Air Max 200 is a new series launched by NIKE in July 2019. The design is inspired by the earlier Air Max models.

  • Features of Nike Air Max 200

Nike Air Max 200 provides the ultimate comfort with excellent cushioning and modern details. Its design is inspired by the energy patterns radiated by the earth, such as lava flows and the rhythmic waves of the ocean.

  • Style of Nike Air Max 200

The multiple colors of the Nike Air Max 200 give it more uses and still have a classic look. Nike Air Max 200 not only highlights the classic Air Max appearance of the 90s, but also suits today's street style.

Q&A For Nike Air Max 200

  • What are Nike Air Max 200 good for?

    The Nike Air Max 200 is ideal for all types of running, particularly long distances. First and foremost, Cushlon, the air unit that fills the entire heel, provides excellent shock absorption. From that standpoint, it would be an excellent running model.
  • Do Nike Air Max 200 make you taller?

    The Nike Air Max 200 boasts a throwback retro feeling, a comfy fit, and a decent height boost over an average sneaker, and is available in a variety of color styles. They also provide you a good rise in height, making you feel taller than other sneaker types.
  • Are Nike Air Max 200 good shoes?

    The Nike Air Max 200 shoes have a comfortable fit and feel for day-to-day wear, according to the majority of testers. Some customers have been impressed by the durability of this type of Nike shoe. Many people like this AM model because of the beautiful color blocking and retro theme.
  • Can you put Nike Air Max 200 in the washing machine?

    We don't suggest using harsh cleaning materials or putting your shoes in the washing machine or dryer (like bleach). Clean your shoes as soon as they get dirty for a best performance. Your Nike Air Max 200's adhesive coating between the upper and the sole dislikes being washed in the washing machine. You can wear your trainers in wet weather and they can even withstand a little rain, but washing them in the washing machine puts a strain on the adhesive sheet.

User Reviews Of Nike Air Max 200

Hans-jorg Kalt


Ordered half a size more than I normally wear. nike shoes are usually rather tight. space on the side as well as in length. Stability good. comfortable running and jogging.
Amazon Customer

Great feel & fit

I wear size 11 dress shoes and for 30+ years have purchased Nike running shoes one size larger. My size 12 shoes in this model fit very well. But in this particular model, I could go a half-size larger (but half-sizes stop at 12). So, I'm happy, but must wear thin socks. Note: I do remove Nike's sole insert and put one in that's for those who want arch support. But my insert is quite thin and I'd still go with a 12.5 if Nike made it. My width is 11EE:E, so I like the more abundant width of this model.
leesa james


Its true to its size,fits perfect.iam very satisfy,i will buy another color soon!😃

Conservative, but still catches eyes!

Bought these as a nice pair to workout in, so I didn’t expect much...But this is Nike we’re talking about! Since these shoes even fit better than some running shoes that I’ve tried, I’ve started to wear these with regular outfits. Very glad that I gave these a shot.

Very comfortable walking shoe.

I had a pair of these and wore them out, so I knew how they fit and that I would like them. She provides good stability and is very comfortable. Like the all black color scheme, a must have for work.

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