New Balance 1080 Review

General Information

  • Weight Men 10.4oz/Women 8.7oz
  • Brand New Balance
  • Material Vegan
  • Terrain Road
  • Distance Marathon,Daily running,Long distance

Expert Reviews Of New Balance 1080

  • Reasons to buy √

 - The upper fabric is praised for its ability to tightly and firmly wrap the contour of the foot.

 - Several commenters said that the toe box is spacious enough to accommodate the natural opening of the toes.

 - Its weight profile is popular with many people because it feels very light to them.

 - The plantar experience is responsive and flexible to many testers.

  • Reasons not to buy ×

 - Some testers believe that the stitched overlay is too hard.

 - New Balance 1080 is too tight for some reviewers.

More Information About New Balance 1080

  • Features of New Balance 1080

New Balance 1080 can provide long-term luxury comfort. This soft plush shoe has a fast-responsive Fresh Foam sole, which can be perfectly matched with a soft, selective elastic woven upper to provide 360 degrees of comfort and extend driving mileage.

  • Discount of New Balance 1080

If you happen to be a student and want to buy New Balance 1080, then you can verify your student status on New Balance's official website, because students can enjoy a 15% OFF discount.

Q&A For New Balance 1080

  • Is the New Balance 1080 a stability shoe?

    New runners will love its safe fit and comfortable riding. Advanced runners will appreciate 1080 v11 because of its gentle energy buffering, plush pedaling feel and a touch of stability. If you are looking for a reliable, well-cushioned daily training shoe, New Balance 1080 v11 is a good shoe worth considering.
  • What's the difference between New Balance 1080 and 880?

    Because the 880 has a firmer fabric, the New Balance 1080 is more breathable than the 880. The heel counter on the New Balance 880 is conventional, however the heel on the New Balance 1080 is flared out. The 1080 is more cushioned, bouncier, and lighter than the 880, while the 880 is heavier, more stable, and more flexible.
  • How long do New Balance 1080s last?

    New Balance 1080 v10 is a neutral training shoe with high mileage, designed for runners looking for maximum protection and quite sturdy. As a pair of durable shoes, runners should expect to get a full 500 miles from 1080v10 without seeing too much damage to the cushioning or upper.
  • Are New Balance 1080 v10 true to size?

    The new engineered knit New Balance 1080 provides some welcome stretch in the toe, which feels a bit low and stiff in the V9. Most buyers agree that New Balance shoe sizing is true to size. However, certain people are more likely to choose shoes that are on the narrower side. This is why all customers should measure their feet before making a purchase.

User Reviews Of New Balance 1080


Good bounce giving some sense of ease on recovery runs

This has a fair amount of cushion/spring. Having put a few miles oh Hoka's this is similar to their build - a noticeable squish with each step. I use them in rotation with New Balance Ravenna's to give a sense of ease on runs following longer workouts. While they are not yet my go-to running buddies, they do have a place in my arsenal! The fit is good with plenty of toe box room and the ventilation is noticeable!
Michael Shelly-Moody

Predictability in NB sizing has become the exception, rather than the rule :-(

Barely big enough toe box then shoe unaccountably narrows, to very constricting, behind the ball of the foot! I got a 4E pair. It's not bad enough that NB is constantly changing it's numbering scheme but they are more and more often playing around with sizing. I used to be able to pretty much count on their sizing, with occasional exceptions. Now predictable sizing is the exception rather than the rule.

Love these shoes

Love these shoes! My first pair of NB! I have always been a Brooks and Asics person, but now I am 100% sold on these shoes. I use them at Track practice 3-4 times per week and they feel amazing. Each track session I am logging 5-6 miles total with warm ups, sprints and cool downs and i'm in love with the 1080v6. I recently bought the 1080v7 and love them too. For some reason, The v6 fit better? I dunno, but I am now hooked on NB shoes.

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