Adidas Stan Smith Review

General Information

  • Brand Adidas
  • Style Classic,Sportstyle,Minimalist
  • Inspired from Tennis
  • Material Leather,Rubber Sole,Cup Sole,EVA,OrthoLite
  • Season Spring,Summer,Fall
  • Release Date 1965

Expert Reviews Of Adidas Stan Smith

  • Reasons to buy √

 - As reported by many critics, this pair of shoes is the main model of the Stan Smith series and is very comfortable.

 - Many reviewers praised the simplicity, elegance and classic look of this sneaker.

 - A few commenters pointed out that it is easy to clean.

  • Reasons not to buy ×

 - Some people feel that the quality of Adidas Stan Smith's leather upper is lower than before.

 - A few people are disappointed that the forefoot of these shoes is a bit tight.

 - Adidas Stan Smith's leather wrinkles too quickly.

More Information About Adidas Stan Smith

  • History of Adidas Stan Smith

The original Stan Smith was a tennis shoe. In 1978, Adidas officially renamed this pair of shoes. Since then, they have been called Adidas Stan Smith with Smith's Portrait, name and signature. Since then the original Stan Smith has become an iconic lifestyle footwear loved by men and women around the world.

  • Design of Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smith uses vegan uppers and outsoles made from rubber waste. The product is made with vegan animal ingredients or substitutes for materials. It is also made with a series of high-performance recycled materials Primegreen. 50% of the upper is recyclable material.

  • Style of Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smith has existed for decades and has remained almost unchanged since its introduction, always maintaining its fashion status. Due to Adidas Stan Smith's elegant and sporty appearance, the sneakers can be worn with almost any type of clothing.

Q&A For Adidas Stan Smith

  • Why are Adidas Stan Smith so comfortable?

    Adidas Stan Smith cones feature the same technology that was first introduced when they were first published. They may have made small improvements to the leather and cushioning but still for the price, it's one of the most comfortable shoes available.
  • How do I protect my Adidas Stan Smith?

    There are a few steps. Make sure Adidas Stan Smith is cleaned and dry before applying Leather Care and use a clean microfiber towel on your. Then put a quarter sized dot of Leather Care solution on towel, rubbing in small circles until entire shoe is covered evenly. Let it dry completely for 1-2 hours.
  • Why do my Adidas Stan Smith smell?

    Adidas Stan Smith shoes have always been made with non-woven uppers. I'm not sure if they are real leather or synthetics, but in either case, they will trap sweat and other odor-causing elements in the shoes and will last longer than shoes with breathable fabrics. I have worn Smith shoes for many years.
  • Are Adidas Stan Smith comfortable?

    This Adidas Stan Smith is very comfortable. Stan Smith can be said to be the most important and influential tennis sneaker ever. It features a low-cut construction for extra comfort around the ankle. It also features a traditional lace-up closure that can be adjusted to make it more comfortable. The Adidas Originals Superstar is very affordable if compared to other top shoes such as Nike.

User Reviews Of Adidas Stan Smith


Awesome and unchanged.

It’s the real shoe from adidas. Same as it ever was. Old people who used to wear this shoe think it fits differently because the shoe design changed.... I’m old and wore this shoe in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s etc... now everything fits different now but I’m pretty sure it’s not the shoe that has changed over the years. This shoe is the exact same shoe as it was way wayyyy back then. I loved them then and still do. When I had young feet they were more comfortable. Now I buy one size larger and put in squishy orthopedic inserts. Hey I’m young again.
La Cinema

Great Classic- Full Sizing Review For Women Who Want These Shoes

I normally wear a Women's size 9 in almost everything, which is a Men's size 7. Since I read (in many, many reviews) that these were Men's sizing, but also that they ran a bit small, I went for a 7.5 Men's. Thank goodness, it worked! I was spot on about the sizing! I've never before ordered a larger Men's size, so this really is just an issue with these shoes. My foot is pretty much the exact measurement of a size 9 Women's foot.
Radical Rick

Blazing White Saddles!

The Stan Smiths are mobile, comfortable, light and stylish. Be prepared when you first buy these. They are so "blazingly" white everyone will notice. So break em in and wear at home if you're self conscious :)
jackie n.

Love my Stan's

I'm 60 years old and used to wear these while I was in college. Wondered if they were still built the same and if they'd feel the same as they used to. Yep and Yep. Though I wore an 11 in college and a 13 now, they still feel great and I must say, look just as good. Very, very pleased with my purchase. BTW, I have very flat feet and have a hard time finding shoes these days that don't have the high arch supports or at least ones the arch can be taken out of.
Angela L. Grassi

Love these shoes

Love these shoes! While they're labeled Women's shoes, the sizes are in Mens. Instead of trying to find your equivalent Mens size, I recommend just going a half to full-size down from your regular Women's size. For example I usually wear a 7.5 in Womens, I ordered the 6.5 M and they fit almost perfect--just a little snug. A 7 M may have been perfect but I would rather they fit a little snug than too loose. Hope this helps!

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