Adidas Pure Boost Review

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General Information

  • Weight Men 10.5oz
  • Brand Adidas
  • Material Knit upper
  • Terrain Road
  • Pronation Neutral Pronation
  • Distance Daily running
  • Flexibility Flexible
  • Release Date 2017

Expert Reviews Of Adidas Pure Boost

  • Reasons to buy √

 - Adidas Pure Boost's lightness has been praised by everyone.

 - The design attracts runners, and for them, it is stylish and modern.

 - These shoes are very useful not only in running but also in physical exercise.

  • Reasons not to buy ×

 - According to some people who have worn shoes for a while, the outsole wears out quickly.

 - The fabric connecting the upper to the midsole is easily torn.

More Information About Adidas Pure Boost

  • History of Adidas Pure Boost

Adidas Pure Boost was born in 2014 and is a combination of style and sport. It uses soft textiles on the upper to provide you with a smooth in-shoe experience.

  • Features of Adidas Pure Boost

Adidas Pure Boost has a lightweight and elastic knitted upper that adapts to the shape of your feet as you move. Energetic cushioning and flexible outsole bring a smooth riding experience.
Adidas Pure Boost highlights its endless energy and is the fastest responsive buffer ever, providing incredible energy feedback: the more energy you give, the more energy you get.

Q&A For Adidas Pure Boost

  • Is Adidas Pure boost good for running?

    Adidas Pure Boost is a lightweight running shoe that prioritizes comfort. The knit upper and Boost cushioning of this lightweight runner provide an ideal workout experience. The shoe lowers the foot to the pavement, which is perfect for city running. This shoe is especially good for long and easy runs. It would be a good choice for a beginner running in a marathon.
  • Is Adidas Pure Boost better than Ultra Boost?

    You get the cushioning and energy rebound of an Ultra Boost in a smaller, lower-profile shoe with a more racer-like feel with the Adidas Pure Boost DPR. The Pure Boost DPR also has more upper support for stop-and-go city running and lateral movement.
  • Is Adidas Pure Boost comfortable?

    The Adidas Pure Boost Go will be a favorite among urban explorers and suburban track rats because it is cushioned, easy, and stylish. The Adidas Supernova is a flexible running shoe that can handle speed days like an Adios and long runs like a Supernova.
  • How much is Adidas Pure Boost?

    The Adidas Pure Boost is a running shoe from Adidas. The shoe has a retail price of $140-$160. The latest version of the Adidas Pure Boost was released on January 18, 2017 and features a lightweight circular knit construction mixed with Boost cushioning. These shoes are considered both high-performance running shoes as well as fashionable sports shoes.

User Reviews Of Adidas Pure Boost


Get it, you won't regret it!

I wear size 11 for Nike shoes, got 11 for the Pure Boost, fits great, just a little toes room. The shoes didn't come with the OG Adidas box though and only came with the fat shoe strings. I highly recommend this shoes for your daily walkers. The return of energy tech is amazing.

love them so far

love them so far, but already had some color coming off the canvas very early on. easily fixable with some cloth markers from walmart, but i'm waiting to give them 5 stars. that said, this is literally my only complaint for these wonderfully stylish shoes!
N. Black

These are the most comfortable shoe I have worn in my life

These are the most comfortable shoe I have worn in my life. Not kidding I feel like my power level is over 9000 now.

Great shoe, just enough boost

I’ve tried on a ton of boosts in store and online, pureboost burrito tongue edition is by far the best if you have wide and or big feet, it opens almost all the way to the end of the shoe and you just tuck it in. Don’t like the insole openings so I would suggest grabbing a cheap insole to get rid of the gap feeling. Recommend.

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