Adidas Nmd R1 Review

General Information

  • Brand Adidas
  • Style Sportstyle
  • Inspired from Running
  • Designed by Nic Galway
  • Material Mesh,Knit,Rubber Sole,EVA
  • Season Spring,Summer
  • Release Date 2015

Expert Reviews Of Adidas Nmd R1

  • Reasons to buy √

 - Most people think Adidas Nmd R1 is very comfortable, and very light, with suitable toe space.

 - Adidas Nmd R1 adds a slippery design.

  • Reasons not to buy ×

 - Adidas Nmd R1 gets dirty easily and is difficult to keep clean.

 - One person criticized Adidas Nmd R1 for lack of foot support.

More Information About Adidas Nmd R1

  • History of Adidas Nmd R1

In 2015, Adidas launched NMD, which became a sensational Adidas series. The lightness and comfort provided by NMD make it one of the most popular products of the current generation. Many people resell their NMD for up to $1000. So far, Adidas has been introducing updated sneakers every season.

  • Design of Adidas Nmd R1

Adidas Nmd R1 draws on the style elements of technical jackets and archived adidas running shoes, with sporty roots and street style. The breathable mesh upper uses elastic cushioning to keep you comfortable during the day's travel.

  • Style of Adidas Nmd R1

Adidas Nmd R1 has versatility, so it becomes a suitable sports shoe from running to light training. In addition, Adidas Nmd R1 can be matched with almost any other clothing, such as jeans, tight sports pants, casual shorts and so on.

Q&A For Adidas Nmd R1

  • Are Adidas Nmd R1 good shoes?

    If you want the Adidas Nmd R1, you can be assured that you've made a wise decision. If you're out for a 10-mile run or a fast tempo workout, the shoe looks and feels fantastic. The Boost cushioning is soft and supportive without sacrificing defense. The shoe also offers a sensitive trip.
  • Are Adidas Nmd R1 good for walking?

    The Adidas Nmd R1 is a perfect walking shoe, according to our research. It's right there in the word. These urban nomad shoes can keep you comfortable on long walks on the beach, rugged terrain, and more. They're designed to provide convenience and encouragement, and style to anyone who enjoys walking.
  • What are Adidas Nmd R1 made of?

    The adidas NMD Runner is another name for the adidas NMD R1. It's a low-top sneaker with a Boost sole and Primeknit, mesh, or neoprene upper. On top of Boost midsoles, Primeknit uppers provide new levels of power, versatility, and stability. Boost, our most sensitive cushioning yet, returns energy for all-day exploration. NMD, which is designed for a lifestyle without limits, takes inspiration from the past to describe the future of footwear design.
  • How do you wear an Adidas Nmd R1?

    Grab a pair of Joe Blow Jeans or the Sureshot Denim Chinos for a more relaxed look. For boots, the Double-Cuff looks best. Roll up the hems twice, but beware that Adidas Nmd R1 will make you look shorter from the waist down.

User Reviews Of Adidas Nmd R1


Great looking shoe but the backs kill my heels.

I love the look of these shoes and was so excited to get them. Unfortunately the plastic back, the way it’s fitted to the sneaker, it runs mercilessly against the back of my heels until they’re raw or blistered. I bought padded inserts to help but it even rubs through those after a few days of wear.

Who don’t love the nmds very comfy snd light weight

These shoes are amazing this is 5th pair so far I’ll say In field of work they are easy on the knees but tend to tear easy at top of toe but I wear them to work where Im suppose to wear steal toes lol but pair for styling and profiling lasted lot longer
Billy(William L Dove)


Comfortable enough to order another

Great shoes!

Great shoes! Fit perfect, they're very comfortable just had to stretch out the back where my ankle sits when I first got them. Other then that they are a really good pair of shoes!

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