Adidas Dame 6 Review

General Information

  • Weight 13.9oz
  • Brand Adidas
  • Signature Damian Lillard
  • Release Date 2020

Expert Reviews Of Adidas Dame 6

  • Reasons to buy √

 - Most people like the unique design of Dame 6. According to them, these Adidas basketball shoes are visually attractive.

 - Many people commented that these shoes are very comfortable to wear.

 - Dame 6's new Lightstrike buffer has left a deep impression on almost all players.

 - The lightness and simplicity of these basketball shoes have left a deep impression on some users.

  • Reasons not to buy ×

 - Adidas Dame 6 has poor traction on the dusty court.

 - Many people complain that the material of Adidas Dame 6 feels cheap and not so durable.

More Information About Adidas Dame 6

  • Features of Adidas Dame 6

Adidas Dame 6 is a lightweight basketball shoe, specially designed for dynamic games, equipped with an ultra-light midsole, both cushioning and responsive. The upper reflects Dame's quiet leadership and influential personality on the court.

  • Style of Adidas Dame 6

The upper of Adidas Dame 6 reflects quiet leadership and influential personality. The exterior highlights the focus of Dame, while the interior is stripped of layers to show the inner workings of the shoe.
Its sock-like fit keeps your feet comfortable on the court, and the ultra-lightweight Lightstrike cushioning will not slow you down.

User Reviews Of Adidas Dame 6

Craig Hodgkins

There’s Nothing Like a Dame."

This is my son’s third pair of Dames, and they have become his go-to game shoe. He started with the Dame 5, so there was a slight concern that these wouldn’t fit exactly the same, but although the exterior profile has changed a bit, they fit perfectly. He’s a serious high school player, and his previous Dames have each lasted a full year of near-constant school and club team play.


Awesome shoe! runs a 1/2 size bigger then Nike. Very light and has excellent grip! Dame Dollar 💰
Safiyah Kingzz

Bye it don’t waste time

Sexy as hell I love it wish they had it in black so damn comfortable.
william l fisher

Great look snd fit

Shoes are comfortable , good to wear for trnnis.

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